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The first international scientific conference AMO was held in 1983 because of Bulgaria's leading role in creating a range of technologies and systems (supported by dozens of inventions and patents) for finishing operations on components in a magnetic field. A major user of the Bulgarian product is Japan. The following international meetings happened with great interest and an active participation of experts from many countries. In June 2008 we held the 8th International Conference AMO (Advanced Manufacturing Operations). The high quality and large number of papers, the interest of all participants and the professional organization caused many Bulgarian and foreign scientists to give us great reviews. We also sounded opinions for the next steps in developing the AMO idea.

In this way we reached the idea to establish an AMO Society - and in the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 it became fact. In the process of establishing the society we also changed the encoding of the abbreviation - AMO now means "Advanced Materials and Operations" - which allows for a much larger group of scintists to participate in the activities of the society. We also elected a Managing Committee, comprizing established scientists from the technical sciences in Bugaria.

The society has two major goals:

  • To provide a medium for experts working towards developing new solutions - both from the sides of academia (the members of AMO Society are representatives of all technical universities in Bulgaria and of a number of foreign universities) and from the industry. Membership in the society is not limited to membership in another institution and aims at establishing connections among people with similar and complementing interests. To create this medium we are developing AMO Database - a database of scientists and companies searching for joint project activities.
  • To improve the international activity of its members through two main tools:
    • The publication of a high-quality international scientific magazine AMO Journal. Sceintific papers are accepted for publication by an international Editorial board after consideration of two independent reviews. The reviewers check both the scientific level and the observance of the technical requirements for publications, provided in an instruction by the society. The instruction is in line with established international conventions and aims at achieving a higher level of publications - and accordingly their future success. АMO Journal runs constant columns for PR events both for leading industrial organizations and established figures from the sciences. One of the main goals of AMO Journal is to have the articles referred in international databases, and in this way increase the popularity of the work produced by members of the society.
    • Organizing an international scientific conference AMO Conference. The goal of AMO Conference is to create an annual forum for the exchange of valuable research, studies and presentations of new equipment - a realistic goal, considering the positive reaction to the AMO '08 conference (featuring 66 research papers, of which 40 % by international participants).

Up to now about 200 leading scientists and experts from 19 countries have registered their support for the Advanced Materials and Operations idea.

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