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The idea about the conference first came forth in the distant 1983, after magnetic-abrasive finishing (AMO in Bulgarian) came to its appogee with the formation of the first Bulgarian-Japanese cooperation for magnetic-abrasive machines and technologies. The first seminar AMO'83 took place in October in Pravets, Bulgaria. Scientists from the former Soviet Union (Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine) were present, as well as machine manufacturers from Japan and the Federal Republic of Germany.

The second seminar was considerably more popular - it took place in 1985 in Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria. Once again in the International Hotel in Varna was the Third seminar - AMO'87 (29.09 - 1.10.1987). The topics were more diverse, and included all finishing technologies. A special place was kept for processes for electrophysical and electrochemical finishing operations, as well as methods for electrophysical effect on materials to increase their exploitation characteristics. Reports were delivered on new combined processes for finishing operations, during which more than one type of energy is applied on the same spot.

The AMO seminars grew into scientific conferences and became a preferred mode of increasing knowledge for many specialists, both in Bulgaria and abroad. The number of foreign participants increased.

AMO'89 and AMO'91 were held in Botevgrad, Bulgaria. The excellent base and the good organization made them unforgivable, but the following economic recession interruped the biennual schedule of the event. After a 10 year break we managed to revive the tradition.

Preserving the established abbreviation "AMO" but expanding the meaning to "Advanced Manufacturing Operations", the Sixth scientific conference AMO'01 was held in Varna (21.06 - 23.06.2001). We were happy that the conference received considerable interest to scientists, with people coming from England, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, as well as having representatives from small and medium enterprises from Bulgaria and Canada.

The seventh conference AMO'06 was held in Sozopol, Bulgaria during September. 42 reports were delivered.

It is hard to believe that the current, eight conference, is really taking place 25 years after AMO'83. This conference is a proof of the increased interest - 66 reports, and a participation of both Bulgarian and foreign scientists.

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